How to set reverse DNS (rDNS) for a VPS

How to set an rDNS record
rDNS for our virtual server range is is set in your management panel at

Once you have logged into the management panel click on Reverse DNS on the left hand side.

Select the IP you wish to set the record for and then enter the domain name you wish to use (a valid A/AAAA record must be present to create the entry), click on submit.

The rDNS cluster will then add the record, please remember DNS propagation may also cause a delay in the record appearing throughout the internet.

Technical Notes for NAT ( packages 
PTR/reverse records cannot be set on the Shared IPv4 address due to technical limitations of the address being shared over multiple users/domains.


Single IPv6 addresses are already available to be set as above.

To set IPv6 address rDNS if you have a /64 or larger block requires you to also add the IP to the instance within our panel before creating the Reverse DNS entry.

Prior to following the instructions above assign a single IPv6 for it out of your block under List VPS > Chosen Instance > Manage IPv6 Subnet > Edit > Add IP. This then allows it to be used under the Reverse DNS steps above.

If your instance is located in Beauharnois, Roubaix, Gravelines or Singapore please use the rDNS Requests ticket desk to have us manually set your records.

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