Install OpenVPN on a NAT Server

In this guide we will cover how to install OpenVPN on a NAT based VPS.

Now we have a new NAT VPS, details listed below:

Product: LDN-128
Hypervisor: ldn6-uk
OS: CentOS 6 x64 Minimal

Hostname: ldnNATinstance
Main IP:
Shared IP: (see above)
IP Addresses Assigned: 2a06:8ec0:0000:068e:0000:0000:0000:0001

Connect to your VM and Update

Now from this we can check the external IPv4 to connect and open a SSH window.

Once SSH is open update the OS - "yum update"

yum update command


Enable TUN/TAP

To enable TUN/TAP login to the VPS management panel with your user details and then open the instance you wish to edit.

Management Screen

Once the main VPS page has loaded click "VPS Configuration" and then enable TUN/TAP and click submit, once the changes have been successfully applied you can close the prompt window.

VPS Configuration

Now TUN/TAP has been configured we restart the VM from the panel to ensure changes take effect.

TUN/TAP Config View

Press Stop/Start in the current control panel view.

Start/Stop VPS

Install OpenVPN

You can find nyr's OpenVPN installer which is a open source and community reputable script - /

In our case we want openVPN to listen on 24319 as this is one of our assigned ports (24300-24320) so we use the following setup:


We then enter our external/shared IPv4.

OpenVPN IP NAT Setup


Access OpenVPN

Now the server is configured we can access it.

Then use sFTP/SSH/rsync to download the config file.

OpenVPN NAT sFTP Download example.ovpn

Once you have downloaded the config file load it into the OpenVPN client then... Connect!

Success - Connected to OpenVPN


Secure Your Server

We would advise all system administrators to secure your new server once configured.

Steps such as SSH keys, configuration of firewall and general system best practices being deployed.

Additional Notes:

Ubuntu 16:
Rooban encountered issues on a Ubuntu 16 based setup with the service not starting, to fix comment LimitNProc.
Additional details at: 


Credit to @nyr for his script on GitHub and to Rooban for the Ubuntu 16 fix.
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