FLK-DE (In Progress)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Other - flk-de Systems Outage
  • Systems connection loss detected in FLK, DE.

    Currently investigating, issues being resolved with Hetzner.

    Update - Our technicians are still working with Hetzner to resolve the remaining issues.

    Update #2 -
    Once again apologies for any inconvience caused during this outage. 

    Data is secure at this time, once the issue with Hetzner is resolved SLA credits/extensions will be made where applicable.


    Update #3 - 

    Unfortunately after many discussions with Hetzner where possible, regarding the impact to our services and repeated issues originating from a small group of malicious signups it is clear that moving forward we will not be staying in Falkenstein.

    During the first talks with Hetzner we have since discussed the proposal to move to other upstreams and locations in DE, however at this stage the avenues explored are not a suitable fit, nor provide for some of the requirements as to why we utilised Hetzner.

    Whilst these discussions have caused delay whilst being explored any applicable services will now be re-instated in London, UK unless otherwise requested.

    1. Existing Users Requiring Data
    Data is still secure at this stage and has not been seized/destroyed throughout the abuse investigation.

    We have limited access to the drives and data will be restored to our London UK servers starting immediately where it can be recovered or your service can be migrated and continue.

    2. Existing Users Not Requiring Data
    Please contact the migrations team and request your instance be re-created in the form of a new server in a suitable location, if no location is specified our team will create a new instance in London, UK.

    For services with an SLA (Standard Plans/Packages) in place that have not already been migrated/credited accordingly before this announcement please ensure you have no open tickets pending resolution and open a ticket with the Billing Team to resolve.

    Services without any SLA (Typically i-83.net Services) will be issued a credit for the time period lost or a service extension for the product as a goodwill gesture.


    Why London?
    It allows us increased flexibility in the hardware and network operated, and reduces the impact of an event like this reoccurring whilst being a short hop away from DE.
    - If London is not suitable for a destination then please open a ticket with the migrations team.

    What about other location
    At this time there are no plans for any other locations to be altered or adjusted, all other PoP's are operating typically.

    What have QuadHost Ltd. learnt from this specific outage?
    The impact of this outage to i-83 customers has been noted, with attention to the handling and communication from staff during this time. To improve and resolve any issue handling moving forward we have changed our focus and plans for 2017; with our support team retraining with a staff expansion and overall platform changes that are now on our roadmap.

    If you have any further questions or queries about our DE location and affected plans please open a ticket with the support team.

    Update #4 - Data Restoration
    Instances that are not already re-created are now being migrated to London and restored.

  • Date - 14/03/2017 09:10
  • Last Updated - 28/04/2017 18:46
IP Assignments (In Progress)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting System - Resource Bundle
  • IP Address assignment during resource bundle creation is not assigning correct IP's.

    RIssue is currently being resolved with the management panel development team and our technicians.

  • Date - 06/04/2017 14:21
  • Last Updated - 07/04/2017 21:23
I/O Performance (In Progress)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting System - nc7-us
  • nc7-us I/O Performance is currently impacted due to a RAID rebuild, once complete existing level of performance will return.

    Apologies for any inconvience caused.

  • Date - 12/03/2017 12:33
  • Last Updated - 12/03/2017 01:09