High Availability,
Redundant DNS Servers

DNS servers are the basis of most business internet services from e-mail to websites, they allow systems across the world to locate and communicate with each other.

Slow or overloaded DNS servers can cause detrimental effects to the connectivity to your services.

Our DNS servers resolve in a fraction of a second and offer a range of features suitable for an array of applications from standard web zone file serving to Dynamic DNS.

QuadHost believe in scaleable DNS services, we do not restrict the number of queries to a hostname.

Our DNS servers are located geographically across the world for redundant failover protection.

Why Risk a DNS failure?

If your DNS service fails then your website and e-mails will be unavailable.

DNS Service Addon

Many of our services come with a free DNS account;
if you already have services with us then you can find the activation details within your account area.

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