Fedup of being suspended for CPU Abuse?


Get your own
dedicated CPU cores now!

Your own physical cores reserved for 100% usage,
whenever you want; no more CPU limits!

In comparison…

Product CPU Cores RAM Storage Cost (ex VAT)
QuadHost DediCore 1 Dedicated Xeon Core 1280mb 30gb SSD RAID  £12.50/month
FastHosts Cloud 1 Shared CPU Core 1024mb 50gb HDD  £14.50/month
GoDaddy VPS 1 Shared vCore 1024mb 40gb HDD  £19.99/month
1and1 1 Shared vCore 1024mb 25gb SSD  £13.99/month
Rackspace G1 1 vCPU 1024mb 20gb SSD  £28.47/month

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